Cars Children's Bed

Cars children's bed. A beautiful bed with colourful decorations .. more

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Cars Children's Bed

Do you have a car enthusiast at home? This beautiful children's bed featuring cars is ideal for you! It comes with a set of decorations, which will allow you or your children to decorate the bed. Every bed becomes an original according to your children's imagination.

The children's bed with a car motif features not only a traditional place for sleeping but also promotes the development of children's creativity. Children can start to decorate their kingdom. Available for purchase are also a height chart, clock, wall decorations and other accessories that will help you complement the children's bedroom.

The car decorations are made using eco-friendly and non-toxic ink. The pictured decoration is only for your inspiration, to see what the result could look like. We are leaving everything up to your own imagination.

All materials used as well as the finish of the bed are of the highest quality. The good-quality bed is made from laminated particle board, which makes it robust and highly durable. It comes with a 2 cm thick slatted base and a removable safety rail. During the day, the bed can serve as a place for relaxing and playing and at night it will protect your children from falling out of the bed.


The bed's weight capacity is 100 kg, which allows adults to sit on it while reading a book or to lie down when children are having bad dreams. This will not damage the bed. Even though the mattress is not included, you can order it separately from the MATTRESS section. Choose the right one from our wide range of mattresses!

COLORED: blue, white, with children motive (pictures)
AGE CHILD: 2-6 years
Execution: of lamina
Theme: Cars
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