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Feeding and breastfeeding

Our offer includes soothers made from quality non-toxic plastic for children aged 3 months or over.

Teethers relieve teething pain and are suitable as early as from the age of 3 months. They gently massage the sensitive gums. You can also apply a teething gel to relive the pain. The teethers are made from non-toxic plastic which doesn't contain bisphenol.

Children's tableware includes feeding and drinking sets, including bowls, containers, cups with a spout and spoons, all made from plastic that's free from bisphenol. Children's bottles and cups create a specific category that also covers modern feeding bottles made of top-quality stainless steel. There is no danger of them releasing certain substances into the liquid as with plastic bottles, even when heated up.

In this range you can find children's cups with a spout, including a flip top spout to prevent liquid from spilling. Some bottles have a silicone teat resembling a mother's breast.

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