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Do you arrange a children's room? We have complete equipment for the children's room. Piece furniture and the entire room set. For babies, schoolchildren and teenagers.

The first baby in the family is a great challenge for every parent. We will help you with the selection of furniture, bedding and decorations. Thanks to them, the children's room will be a small kingdom for relaxation, play and sleep.

Although older children already have a room furnished as they grow, they need to place a small crib greater a child's bed . In addition, the room is growing toys and clothes are starting to buy. The time has come to make yourself happy with a new piece of furniture . What do you say?

In a room that is shared by more siblings , a bunk bed , large wardrobes or several dressers are often used. Various shelving and shelf systems are also a popular piece of furniture.

You can't even imagine, and the children's room becomes a student room. Sout a proper desk and working chair, we cannot imagine such a room for a student . That's why you will also find timeless furniture, which even a teenager does not despise.

Whether you're looking for a nursery accessory or an entire furniture collection , banaby is the right place to choose. Depending on your needs, style and place you have left in the nursery.

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