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Children's easels - Toys for children

The aim of children's easels is for preschool children to do school role plays and for school children to practice their homework. On one side they have a classic school blackboard and a magnetic surface on the other side. Children can write using chalk or a marker pen and thanks to having a bar for a paper roll it is possible to write on paper or on the magnetic side of the easel. It comes with marker pens and chalks, a sponge for cleaning off the marker pens, a 20-meter long paper roll, alphabet magnets, puzzle magnets. Some models even have an abacus. Needless to say that they come with health and safety certificates. The easels are made from strong durable wood in various colour finishes. Also available are easels with licensed Disney cartoon motifs. They come with storage fabric baskets placed underneath. There are various dimensions, e.g. 57 x 56 x 115 cm or 66 x 40 x 116 cm, etc. depending on the actual model. 

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