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Everything for infants

Changing and bathing equipment includes many items. Changing mats with colourful motifs which are made from 100% cotton and white canvas are indispensable. Inside is a silicon filling. This allows for the mat to be machine washable at 30° and can be ironed at the same temperature.

Our baby bath tubs are deep and sufficiently ergonomically shaped with dimensions of 100 x 48 cm. They can be used up to the age of 1. Thanks to their anatomical shape they are very easy to handle. You can use a foam bath support for the perfect positioning and safety of your baby. They are made of non-toxic soft foam.

Children's bath towels are made from a highly absorbent and pleasant material, usually microfibre, which doesn't irritate children's skin. The hood protects the head and their dimensions vary, e.g. 76 x 80 cm or 100 x 110 cm, depending on what age group they are designed for. Good quality, absorbent and soft, those are the characteristics of the muslins and nappies in our product range. Bamboo fibre ensures greater softness and absorbency than cotton. They meet hygienic standards and are antiallergenic. If you omit fabric softener, which reduces their absorbency, you can wash them in the washing machine.

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