ELMO GREY Blanket/Bed Throw

2-in-1 Elmo Grey blanket/bed throw - blanket that will warm you up and bed throw to liven up any spa .. more

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ELMO GREY Blanket/Bed Throw

To warm up during winter evenings, liven up your children's bedroom, cover your bed and make it look pretty, all this can be done with the help of the Elmo blanket/bed throw in beautiful and universal grey colour. It is suitable for any room, living room, children's bedroom or your bedroom. Being warm, luxurious and soft, it will warm you up during cold evenings. The bottom side is made from good-quality velvety velour. The whole blanket/bed throw is made from high-tech silk microfibre. You can wash it in the washing machine without it losing any colour. Once washed, just shake and dry it, there is no need for ironing. It has antiallergenic properties. If you combine it with the Elmo cushions, which are available in various colours, you can beautifully liven up and decorate any space.


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