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Children's multipurpose beds - Children beds

The days of traditional children's beds are almost over. Nowadays, people are more interested in beds that apart from serving for putting children to sleep, offer other features as well. For example, there is a section that can be used as a storage space, or there is space underneath for games or for a desk with a chair. It can be a pull out section that serves as a desk. Such beds substantially save space in children's bedrooms where there is usually a lack of it. Another brilliant multi-purpose option is a bed that can grow along with the child. It can be adjusted to different sizes, e.g. 140 x 90 cm, 170 x 90 cm and also 200 x 90 cm. It saves a lot of space when the child is small and when they grow up, it also saves money as there is no need to buy a bigger bed. The mattress grows in the same way. The bed is made of pine lacquered with a transparent non-toxic finish.