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Children's 3D wall murals - Children's wall murals

What decoration can bring a child's bedroom to perfection. Children's 3D wall murals are definitely a great tip. The choice of these murals is certainly wide, with motifs anyone can choose from. You can also reach for murals with licensed Disney motifs. It depends on what is closer to your heart. The 3D mural's added value is the space effect that the motif creates. Therefore before the application think carefully where you want to place them for their best effect. In case the wall is larger than the mural, apply it in the middle of it. The application procedure is very simple. Prepare the individual panels and spread the glue on the back of them. Then apply the panels to the wall and smooth them over. The glue causes the murals to expand slightly, thus it is better to overlap each panel by approx. 1.5 mm. Once dry it will shrink again.