8-Panel Children's Wall Mural - Monsters University

This children's mural featuring Monsters Univeristy is suitable for any interior to make it look bri .. more

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8-Panel Children's Wall Mural - Monsters University

With this beautiful wall mural, finding something that would complement your children's bedroom will be easy. It is beautifully colourful and fun, and features motifs that your children will fall in love at first sight.

The Monsters University motif will appeal to all children. Do they like Mike or Sally? Then they can have them, together with other friends, in their bedroom. The mural features a new motif from Walltastic.

It consists of eight individual panels and together they create a beautifully colourful picture that is suitable for all children's bedrooms, playrooms, play corners as well as nursery classes. The Monsters can become alive anywhere.

It is important to check the mural over before you start the gluing process. The production of the mural goes through strict quality control processes. We aim to provide you with murals in a perfect condition and of the best quality.

Of course nothing can be perfect every time, therefore it is important to check the individual mural panels before the application. Lay them out on the floor and carefully check the colours and the print.

Also make sure that the joining edges have a six millimetre overlap. Should you find any defects or irregularities, do not apply the mural on the wall in any case and contact your supplier.

In case the mural or any of its parts have been applied, we do not guarantee any returns or exchanges. Walltastic takes no responsibility for any damage caused to your mural once it has been applied to the wall or during the process of applying.


- width: 203 cm


- height 243 cm

AGE CHILD: 0-2 years, 2-6 years, 6 a more
Theme: creature
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