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High chairs - Feeding and breastfeeding

It's understandable that small children can't eat sat on an adult-size chair. Hence the need for a good-quality high chair. They are usually made of high-quality durable and flexible plastic, hence being resistant to shock and mechanical damage. The sides are strengthened and the whole frame is built to prevent the chair from tipping over. Rubber wheels on the base of the chair provide smoother transport and don't leave any marks on the floor. The chair comes with a cover made from impregnated material, which prevents sweating. It is made from soft breathable cotton which is stain resistant and machine washable. The backrest can be adjusted to three different angles for correct spine support and the tray to several levels, as well as the height of the seat together with the tray. Five-point safety belts and a crotch strap prevent the child from falling out.

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