»   How to choose a crib?

How to choose a crib?

Not that easy, is it? You might think it can't be hard to choose a crib, but it is way more difficult than it seems. Little children need a good and tranquil sleep. The crib has to be safe, really well-made and also practical. We dispose of by a variety of materials, let it be solid wood, lamina, or plastic, in our assortment you can find a wide variety of implementations. In this article, we would like to give you tips on how to choose the right crib for your baby.

At the age of 3, you should start thinking about buying the first proper bed for your baby. Crib dimensions are between 130-160 cm and width 70-90 cm. Those dimensions are ideal for babies up to 6 years. One of the most important features of those cribs is bed rail, which provides safety primarily during sleep. 

Light and practical beds suitable for the smallest children are the Disney beds, It is made of quality plastic, in beautiful and colorful colors. In addition, kids will appreciate diverse motives of their favorite fairy tale characters such as Mickey Mouse, Cars, Frozen etc.. If you fancy other materials, we can recommend cribs made of a lamina or solid wood. Beds made of lamina there you can choose from a variety of colors and motives. Cribs made of solid wood have a more traditional look of various kinds of colors and wooden motives. Every crib is equipped with bed rail to keep your baby safe. It's on you which will you choose.

Does your little boy like cars? Well, if so, then we got something special for him. The bed which resembles a race car in all sorts of dimensions and colors. And for the girls, we also have a bed with canopy.

For children of the age of 6 and older, we offer a vast collection of beds of various shapes and sizes. For school children, we offer multi-purpose beds, which fulfills the purpose of bed and table altogether. It is also necessary to choose a bed of different dimensions, which will provide them enough space. You can choose from following dimensions: 180-200 cm and width of 80-90cm. 

But if you are also trying to find a suitable bed which is practical and you do not have enough space in your room, then elevated beds are what you are looking for. It provides comfortable sleep at night and playspace throughout the day, which you can hide behind colorful curtains. The bed can be bought with "tower" or slide. Beds are made from solid wood and in different colors of your choosing.

If you have a lack of space but also need to set up a room for two children, then we would recommend purchasing a bunk bed. Bunk bed does not take up much space and provides quality sleep for your beloved children, you can also choose bed color, design and there is a possibility to buy additional storage space or extra bed in case you have three children.

As you can see there are many things from which you can choose to pick the right bed. We hope this article helps you decide on what bed to pick.