Ourbaby children's bed with bed Šebík

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4914-0 180X80 natural pine 341,50 € 1-3 weeks it
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4914-3 200X90 natural pine 379,60 € 1-3 weeks it
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Ourbaby children's bed with bed Šebík

Ourbaby modern bed with a bed of pine! Custom certificate "Institute of Wood Technology in Poznan". The bed includes: 2x polyurethane mattress with cotton cover with zip (height 8 cm) slats (20 mm thick) 2 drawers on wheels complete with four wheels Capacity beds is 80 kg per bed. The bed is three times lacquered ecological, anti-allergic varnish. Three layers of paint causing more resistance to damage from scratching the bed, because the surface is hard enough. Lak is in the top class of organic coatings "Environmentally Safe E". It contains no aromatic ingredients (toluene, ksylen) or any other motorcyclecinogenic and toxic mixture. Very wide range of colors (natural pine, alder, honey alder, beech, walnut, pear dark, calvados, oak, mahogany, orange, olive, red, blue, burgundy, pink, vanilla, white). Custom can produce and deliver goods in a different color than that indicated in the offer (the beds in two-color copies and monochromatic Beds (blue, green, olive, orange, pink, purple, capri, calvados), then of course it is a production of custom-made goods, and since such contracts may not be withdrawn.

Execution: of massif, with storage space

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