Wall Decoration - Tree with Fox Height Chart

This wall decoration featuring a tree with a fox combines a height chart and a decoration in one pro .. more

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Wall Decoration - Tree with Fox Height Chart

Decorating your children's bedroom can be a problem if you don't know what decoration to get for your children. You can try our beautiful wall decorations. This one has a practical feature as well, because it is also a height chart.

It will help you mark your children's height at different stages of their life. You will have a nice memory. And what's more, the wall decoration featuring a tree with a fox will brighten up and enhance your children's bedroom's interior.

The stickers can be applied on walls as well as any other surfaces that are clean, dry and grease-free. You can enhance your furniture, mirrors, windows or doors. They are very easy to apply, simply clean the selected area and apply the sticker.

Maintenance is also very easy, just wipe it with a damp cloth and it's done. No traces of glue will be left once the stickers are removed. We do not recommend applying directly after painting, wait for a minimum of two weeks for the paint to dry.


The wall sticker decorations are made from good-quality mat self-adhesive PVC vinyl. They are odourless, eco-friendly and do not contain any chemicals or other toxic substances.

Theme: Animals, sapling, forest

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