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Junior Mattress - 180x90 cm

The Junior children's mattress, measuring 90x180 cm, is a reversible mattress that offers children the choice between a softer and a firmer side. The softer .. more

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Junior Mattress - 180x90 cm

The Junior children's mattress, measuring 90x180 cm, is a reversible mattress that offers children the choice between a softer and a firmer side. The softer side is made of PUR foam, while the firmer side consists of a coconut fiber board. This mattress is appreciated by both preschoolers and older children.

Mattress features:

  • double-sided mattress with dual firmness (3 and 4 on a scale of 1-5)
  • excellent sweat and moisture wicking
  • resistance to mold and dust mites
  • elasticity and breathability
  • combination of PUR foam and natural coconut board
  • components used in the production of the children's mattress meet hygiene requirements for children's products
  • hypoallergenic cover is machine washable

Mattress parameters:

The Junior mattress, measuring 90x180 cm, is suitable for beds with an internal frame size of 90x180 cm. The total height of the mattress is approximately 10 cm (8 cm (PUR foam) + 0.8 cm (COCONUT) + 1 cm (cover)).

Under the removable cover of the Junior children's mattress lies the mattress core, which consists of two layers of different materials. Each material has its unique properties, ensuring children have a quality and healthy sleep.

It's up to the children which side of the mattress they prefer to use. To maintain the mattress's longevity, don't forget to get a mattress protector.

Get to know each layer of the Junior 180x90 mattress:

Bubble White mattress cover

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate

High quality breathable fabric with anti-allergic properties . Very durable and pleasant to the touch. Made of 100% polyester fibers. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate ensures children's safe sleep.

Bubble White mattress cover

Composition : 100% polyester

Cover weight : 190 g/m²

Cover filling weight : 80 g/m²

Care : Wash at 40 ℃. Can be dried in the dryer at a lower temperature. Do not iron. Do not bleach, do not chlorinate, do not dry clean

PUR foam T25

T25 foam meets the standard requirements for polyurethane (hereinafter referred to as PUR) foam used in mattresses for smaller children - you can find it mostly in mattresses from 160 cm in length. The mattress containing this mattress in the core is medium firm - 3 on a scale of 1-5. Ourbaby mattresses have PUR foam with the T25 mark and a compression resistance of 4.2 kPa. The designation T25 means a density of 25 kg/m³ . Sometimes PUR foam is known in the Czech environment as "molitan".

Coconut fiber board

Natural coconut fiber board is made of coconut fibers. Coconut fibers combined with a mixture of natural and organic rubber form a compact board thanks to motorcycleeful pressing. Coconut fibers are elastic, hollow inside, do not dust or sting. The board is modified on both sides by a chemical process called vulcanization , which gives it greater flexibility and eliminates the fraying of coconut fibers.

The advantage of the coconut layer in the mattress is its ability to wick away sweat and moisture. You will certainly appreciate the resistance to bacteria and fungi. At the same time, coconut fiber is characterized by perfect thermal properties and ensuring adequate air circulation inside this layer of the mattress.

The weight of the board is 1000 g/m², its thickness is approx. 0.8 cm.

JUNIOR mattress

The JUNIOR series - these are double-sided mattresses with double hardness. Coconut on one side, polyurethane foam on the other. Simply "POLOKOKOS". Ourbaby's most popular mattress range.


Mattress composition: (1) PUR foam mattress core (2) Coconut fiber board (3) Anti-allergic cover

Dimension of mattress: 180x90 cm
Mattress type: Antibacterial mattress, Foam mattress
Weight limit: 70 kg
Height mattress: 10 cm
Mattress Firmness: 3 - medium
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