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Do you feel that your child's bedroom needs to be livened up? Even though the room is well equipped there is still something missing? Something to make it .. more

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3D Cars Wall Mural

Do you feel that your child's bedroom needs to be livened up? Even though the room is well equipped there is still something missing? Something to make it prettier and make it perfect? How about some decoration? Or a new accessory? Nowadays there is a wide selection of various decorations and accessories and choosing the right one for your child's bedroom could be quite a problem. You could find it difficult to find your way round such a vast choice. We recommend 3D wall murals. They look great, complement every child's bedroom and make it perfect. Available are various motifs so everyone can choose! Do you have a car enthusiast at home? Is your child a fan of the cartoon about cars and the red car is his hero? Then you will definitely appreciate the 3D Cars mural! It looks truly beautiful! Every little car racer will love it!


The 3D Cars wall mural suits every child's bedroom, children's playroom or play corner. This wall mural is ideal for boy's bedrooms as it's mainly boys who are interested in car motifs, but if you have a little girl who loves cars then she will also definitely appreciate these 3D murals with car motifs. They can be applied to any wall, even onto existing wallpaper. Wall mural application is very easy and everyone can do it! You don't even need any previous experience with wallpapering. All you need to do is follow the instructions and you will manage it! We recommend following the manufacturers advice and tips as well as the full instructions if you want the edges to line up. Once glued to the wall, the mural starts drying. 3D wall murals are suitable for any rooms, even the bigger ones. In such cases we recommend positioning the 3D wall mural in the centre of the room. It will create a nice and unusual look!


Instructions for the application of 3D wall murals:


• Lay all panels on the floor and check for any defects, which need to be dealt with before the application

• Organise the individual panels in the correct order

• The first panel determines the position and the overall look of the mural.

• Take your time before the application and lay out exactly how you want the mural to be positioned for its overall picture to stand out properly.

• Lay the first panel picture down on the floor and spread the glue along its full length (the clear side)

• Apply carefully to your selected area on the wall straight after spreading the glue

• Repeat the steps for the remaining panels


The 3D Cars wall mural is a certain size but expands once the glue is applied.  Therefore we recommend overlapping the panels by approx. 1.5 mm. Once it has dried on the wall, it will go back to the original parameters. By overlapping the edges the individual panels will beautifully line up, creating an original picture. Otherwise there would be gaps between the panels, which wouldn't look nice. It is not a good idea to take a break during the application of the panels because once on the wall they start drying. If some of the glue ends up on the front of the panel, just take a soft cloth and carefully wipe it off! Be careful not to rub the mural too often or too much as it will remove the ink. The 3D Cars wall mural can brighten up any child's bedroom!



It will prepare your little racing car driver for his future racing career. With its beautifully vibrant colours it can cheer up child's bedrooms and create a fun atmosphere. The 3D mural consists of individual panels which create a beautiful picture. There are 12 individual panels, each 58 x 122 cm in size. To place the mural correctly you need a wall or a surface measuring 244 x 305 cm.

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