Peg Perégo - Mini Princess Children's Electric Motorbike

This children's electric three-wheeler for little racers can cope even with more challenging terrain .. more

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Peg Perégo - Mini Princess Children's Electric Motorbike

This electric three-wheeler is suitable for children from the age of 1. It is made by the Italian manufacturer Peg-Pérego. The power of the motor and the battery ensure a minimum driving time of 95 minutes and the maximum speed of 2.7km/h. 

The Mini Ducati GP requires a flat and firm terrain with a maximum grade of 5%. It comes with a horn. One pedal works as a brake as well as an accelerator - when pressed, the three-wheeler sets off and when released, it starts to brake. 

The Peg-Pérego children's electric three-wheeler comes supplied including a battery and a charger.

 Ideal for children aged 1 to 4 years.

Number of seats - 1

Battery - 6V 5Ah

minimum riding time - 95 mins

motor - 1 x 35W

gears - 1

speed km/h - 2 (1)

weight - 9 kg

weight capacity - 25 kg

maximum hill grade - 5%


suitable surface - firm and flat

AGE CHILD: from 12 months
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