3D Waybuloo Wall Mural

The 3D Waybuloo wall mural will beautifully decorate and liven up your children's bedroom .. more

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3D Waybuloo Wall Mural

It is quite easy to update and decorate a children's bedroom. You don't even need any new and expensive furniture. Try this beautiful 3D wall mural from Walltastic. It is made using unique 3D graphics, which will create a beautiful atmosphere in every child's bedroom. The application is very quick and easy, so don't worry, you don't need to be a wallpapering specialist. It can even be applied over already existing wallpaper and makes a beautiful decoration for children's bedrooms. You will need an area of 244 x 305 cm for the application. In case your selected area is bigger than the mural, we recommend positioning it in the centre, which will create a beautiful picture. The 3D wall mural is suitable for children's bedrooms, play corners, playrooms, nursery classes, etc. The 3D mural consists of 12 individual panels.

Application instructions:

- lay out all panels on the floor and carefully check for any damage or defects (in case you find any, contact your supplier immediately, because once the mural is on the wall, it cannot be sent back)

- plan out the position of the mural and take extra time and care to measure everything for the resulting picture to be perfect

- place the panels in the correct order

- the placement of the first panel determines the position and overall look of the finished picture

- brush the first panel with wallpapering glue and place on your selected area on the wall; then follow the steps for the rest of the panels


We recommend following the manufacturer's tips and instructions for the application. Do not wait too long between applying each panel to make sure the edges line up. Once on the wall, the mural starts to dry, therefore do take extra care during the application. We recommend slightly overlapping the edges, by approx. 1.5 mm, for the panels to line up. Glued mural is larger than dry mural. Once dry, the mural returns to the original size. Apply all the panels on the wall before taking a break.

Theme: Animals
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