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VISCO mattress 160x70 cm

The VISCO children's mattress measuring 70x160 cm belongs to the mattresses that give the option of choosing between the sides of the mattress depending on .. more

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VISCO mattress 160x70 cm

The VISCO children's mattress measuring 70x160 cm belongs to the mattresses that give the option of choosing between the sides of the mattress depending on which one is more comfortable for the child. One side is made of PUR foam and the other side is a 3 cm thin layer of memory foam. Older children will appreciate the mattress for everyday sleeping, but younger children can also use it for occasional sleeping.

Under the removable cover of the VISCO children's mattress, the very core of the mattress is hidden, which consists of two layers of different materials . Each of the materials has its own unique properties, thanks to which children can expect quality and healthy sleep.

1st mattress layer - polyurethane foam (PUR)

High-quality polyurethane foam is the softer side of the mattress. The foam is equally stiff and flexible over the entire surface. On the mattress hardness scale, it is medium hard (3 out of 1-5). This stiffness meets the requirements for children's mattresses for everyday sleep.

2nd mattress layer - VISCO memory foam

You may know memory foam under the name lazy or viscoelastic. The unique feature of lazy foam is its ability to immediately adapt to the body when lying down, and as soon as it stands up, it immediately returns to its original state. This type of foam is recommended for adults or people with health problems.

However, sleeping on this side is more suitable for older children (approx. 12 years old). The height of the memory layer is 2-3 cm, which meets the recommended maximum for older children. While children are still growing, they first need to sleep on the side where there is PUR foam , which keeps its shape and does not change it. Sleeping on a memory foam layer is therefore suitable for smaller children on occasion or when they grow up.

It is up to the children which side of the mattress they prefer to use. In order to keep the mattress as long as possible, don't forget to buy a mattress protector.

Advantages of the mattress :

  • lightness and high flexibility
  • A 3 cm layer of memory foam perfectly follows the shape of the body
  • suitable for everyday or occasional sleeping
  • the components used for the production of the children's mattress meet the hygienic requirements for products for children
  • hypoallergenic coating is machine washable

Mattress parameters :

  • Width x length - 70x160 cm - the mattress is suitable for beds with an internal bed frame size of 70x160 cm.
  • Height - 12 cm (8 cm PUR foam + 3 cm VISCO memory foam + 1 cm mattress cover).
  • Hardness - medium hard 3 on a scale of 1-5 - provides adequate support for the child's spine.
  • Mattress capacity - 80 kg

Composition of the mattress cover :

  • top layer - 100% PES
  • middle layer - PES hollow fiber
  • bottom layer - microfiber
  • wash at 40 °C

VISCO range of children's mattresses : Quality mattresses made of polyurethane foam of medium hardness with a low layer of memory foam. One mattress, two sides to choose between a flexible and firm base.

Dimension of mattress: 160x70 cm
Mattress type: Foam mattress
Weight limit: 80 kg
Height mattress: 12 cm
Mattress Firmness: 3 - medium
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